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Sierra Experts' IT Services & Your Industry.

As an IT Managed Service provider, with a multitude of other value-added services, there aren’t many industries we can’t or haven’t served. However, there are a select few that regularly benefit from all the products and services we offer here at Sierra Experts.

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Manufacturing and distribution companies face various challenges while running their businesses: high labor costs, staff shortages, and the rising cost of raw materials to name a few. In a world with rapidly changing and evolving technologies, it’s important that manufacturers can keep up with production, implementation, and delivery. That’s where we come in. Sierra Experts can make a difference by taking the pressures off your hands by stepping in to update and enhance your technologies and IT strategy. In handing over the IT baton to us, manufacturers see increases in innovation, customer relations, data analysis, and so much more because they’re able to focus on what they do best: running their businesses.

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Being that we’re no longer in the world of paper documentation, healthcare revolves so much around technology. Client records, clinical applications, and other important information should now be virtual. If they’re not, it’s likely time to update. Sierra Experts can help healthcare providers update their processes for better organization and security allowing them more time to focus on their patients and practices. Oh, and don’t worry, virtualizing and storing your data with us will keep your business fully HIPAA compliant.

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Even in education, pencil and paper teaching is beginning to dwindle. We’re seeing more and more virtual eBooks, lessons, and quizzing becoming prevalent in schools of all sizes and levels. Implementing an IT strategy into your educational institute will aid in organization, free up time for more valuable connections with students, and keep your students safe when using the internet. Sierra Experts can make access to virtual educational resources of all kinds as easy as 123, all while protecting your network from cyber threats and any inappropriate content. Not to mention, the addition of audio and visual learning can help students that excel through different avenues other than reading and writing.

Check out our eBook on the ‘Evolution of Education’ detailing the importance of technology in the classroom and how Sierra can help in the transition.

finance industry


Mobile and online banking has taken over, and we’ve seen a large decline in paper checks and money. With that being said, having a modern IT strategy for keeping financial records and statements is absolutely prevalent. Financial institutions’ internal IT departments often lack enough skilled staff and updated equipment which is why Sierra can be a great addition. Even with existing IT departments, Sierra can act as an extension to take on any IT work your business is either unwilling or unable to complete. Sierra works for your team, and can help bring banks, insurers, and wealth management companies up to speed.

legal industry

Law & Legal

Legal professionals today have various lines of business applications and several options to access them, so it is necessary to have maximum flexibility without compromising speed or security. Sierra Experts can securely and privately provide support options whether through the cloud, hybrid solutions, or on premise with frequent backups to make sure none of your valuable client data is lost. Likewise, there are various additional IT products and services we can offer to those in the law and legal industries to keep their practices secure and running smoothly.

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