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Heartbleed Scare
April 28, 2014

Heartbleed Scare

I’m sure you all have heard now about & the ‘Heartbleed’ security bug, however, many of you might not know what it means or what it is. The Heartbleed security bug makes individuals all across the web cheap nfl jerseys vulnerable to having Full their passwords, credit t?t card information, and other sensitive wholesale jerseys data stolen. According to Netcraft, an Internet research firm, the bug has affected about 500,000 servers.

Here are a couple of tips you should use to make sure your information is safe:

  1. Don’t log into accounts from afflicted sites. Be sure to check before you log in that the de company has Washington Redskins Jerseys fixed the problem. You can check individual sites here to see if they are vulnerable to the bug. Wires! If you’re still not sure if the company is safe, contact them. Here is a list of sites that are not vulnerable and have been patched.
  2. Change Passwords to your Accounts. Once you get word that the company’s site is no longer vulnerable create a new password for wholesale jerseys that site. Additionally it’s a good idea to change your passwords for sites that weren’t affected as well.

To protect yourself even more, Eggs you should always change your passwords every 90 days and your passwords beneficios should be different across sites for extra security.

Sierra swiftly verified its internal systems on April 9th and initiated scans on customer systems at the same time, well before most vendors ever Leeds realized that a vulnerability was published.